Saturday, August 25, 2007

Programming is not An Engineering Discipline

Yeah... That's it ! At the moment, I strongly believe it.
Maybe it's offensive or maybe not,but when you think about a program (a web application for example) , you don't need to calculate the fundamentals , you don't need mathematical design and.... In the best form, you design an UML chart(albeit with prior thinking) , collect your coders, discuss with them about the code(if you have experienced coders) and start to code in tomorrow morning :)
But Engineering is not like this. In power engineering or Vision/Image processing, you need more and more info about the "nature" of your problem. Just when you understand the mathematical nature of a problem, you can estimate the solutions. It's not just transaction to DataBases !!!
I'm very pleasure to switch to "Vision" and more for studying "Electrical Engineering". They taught me the "style of thinking". I can break ANY problem to it's elements at the moment ,Cause my mind is trained in a logical form. It's hard at the first glance,but has a lot of Fun. Self trained Hackers don't switch to the stuffs like these, because of Math I think :)
What about you? Do you like hard sciences inasmuch as more challenging problems???

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bye Bye Power Engineering

AT LAST.... I told good bye to power engineering ! Now,It's a great time to focus on Vision( My main interest) for ever... It's a very nice feeling. Vision has been my real interest from 2-3 years ago. I wish I can be a GURU in the stuff :)
UDPATE: Maybe I have to work on power engineering for several month. Because of money,you know ;)
UPDATE 2 : No , I can't. Since the life is too short, why I waste my time on working on unfavorite things??? If there is no company in Iran which it's field is Image processing , I will start the first :)