Saturday, September 27, 2008

My trip to India

As I mentioned before , I had a trip to India . It was my first international trip , but seeing other country and contacting with its people was not too weird to me. Frankly, I knew India and maybe that’s why I didn’t shock when I saw its streets.

India is a very big, ancient , nice to travel country and people are calm and peaceful. Meanwhile, it is too complicated to analysis. I mean, you will never find any society in the world that its people live in such a kind of paradox conditions.

Wealth and Poverty live with each other in an absolute consent ! No one wants to be poor, but ‘most’ of them believe that it’s just their FATE !! They do believe it and this is the key to understand why they live in peace. Though, the cultural impacts due to globalization has affected them, which is completely normal, some cultural approaches like believe in concepts (like “Dharma” , “Karma”, etc.) still attend in their mindset .

In my opinion, If you don’t know India and you have decided to go there, you will be surprised when you see streets. But wait ! It is a little part of India. More and more events are waiting for you ! Just open both your minds and eyes and look at every minute thing. Concentrate on their interchanges , focus on their poverty, their wealth, their customs, their believes, their temples architecture, their behave with animals (in any specious),etc.

On my behalf, briefly, rejecting Buddha from India ( over 1500 years ago) , was maybe the biggest strategic mistake by Indians. Although relation between Buddhism and Hinduism is as strong as a massive string , there are some fundamental differences too. Investigating these differences need a separate post and I don’t want to explain it here …

Anyway , to conclude the argument, here are some pics which I took over there :

Mumbai's Airport in a raining day:

The road between Mumbai and Pune:

Pashan Lake :

Mumbai's beach :

Mumbai's beach from another viewpoint:

A nice building in Mumbai (British style):

Another Building in Mumbai (another nice British architecture):

EVERY thing is in peace :

A little temple:

Pune City from top:

Pune university :

A very nice park in Pune and the place of Gandhi's wife SAMADI :

Gandhi's personal instruments :

I bought a great coffee here :)

An indian VEG restaurant ( Oh my, so spicy!)

At Bazar :

Monkey and elephant Idols :

P.S. The captions of pics have added ...

Cheers :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I came back from India :)
I had a good trip . Indians are very nice people. I will post my experiences and photos soon.