Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missing Link Found

"Scientists working in Africa have discovered a Stone Age skull that could be a link between the extinct Homo erectus species and modern humans"
--National Geographic

As a someone who believes in Darwin's theory, I'm so happy to hear this :)
Though, regarding to the nature of the science , any new discovery needs lots of work and examines to prove ...

Thursday, May 07, 2009


I got another admission from Uppsala University , Uppsala, Sweden .
I admitted at IT department, Computational Science Division.
As you can see at it's syllabus page, it has lots of Math based courses which is necessary for high-tech areas like Computer vision.
On the other hand, the Uppsala's ranking is so amazing :
1st in Sweden and 63th in the world !

What a weird admission. I was preparing myself for QUT, Australia !!!
But after 4.5 month there is no news from Australia Embassy :(
I'm so confused ! I love Australia and its hyperactive atmosphere. But I think that Uppsala provides me challenging projects as well ; I mean the program is an exciting challenge itself too :)

Hope I make the right decision ...