Thursday, May 07, 2009


I got another admission from Uppsala University , Uppsala, Sweden .
I admitted at IT department, Computational Science Division.
As you can see at it's syllabus page, it has lots of Math based courses which is necessary for high-tech areas like Computer vision.
On the other hand, the Uppsala's ranking is so amazing :
1st in Sweden and 63th in the world !

What a weird admission. I was preparing myself for QUT, Australia !!!
But after 4.5 month there is no news from Australia Embassy :(
I'm so confused ! I love Australia and its hyperactive atmosphere. But I think that Uppsala provides me challenging projects as well ; I mean the program is an exciting challenge itself too :)

Hope I make the right decision ...


Dreamer said...

I suggest you study wherever you don have to pay! But in an equal position you'd better study where you wanna live... and consider Australia is an absolute heaven.
However you've already knew about all of these, so.... good luck!
(درون استرالیا)

Vahid said...

Sweden is so cheaper! In fact, there is no tuition fee :)