Tuesday, November 27, 2007

IBT TOEFL + Reschedule

I rescheduled my IBT TOEFL test . I postpone it until Feb 2 , It was Dec 15. I need the score of 100/120 ( equivalent to 600 in paper based TOEFL). I wish I can get this work done :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I made active the commenting system . However , there is some "word verification" mechanism for non blogger authors . I hope your kind comments help me to improve my Ideas and performance :)
Cheers ...


I'm so pleased to announce that my ADSL2+ link is attached now. From now , I will be online 24hour ,7days in a week :)
Anyway , I can understand why some guys like Mark likes to get their work done individually. In my opinion , some conditions can help you to make your productivity more than 80%-90%. However , Telecommunication is one of this conditions. I wish I could find one of these telecommunication jobs , unless I have to start my own from scratch ! Is Hiring is really obsolete?
I think yes , unless you wanna work for NASA or Google :)