Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Working mission? Oh, no please !

Bad luck... I'm in a working mission in a very bad natural condition. I had to go to a territory last week which has no water at all ! I'm near to the YAZD city, an ancient city that is near the hottest area in the planet Earth (Loot desert, or Kavir loot in persian)!!!!
The most irritating thing is not the shortage of water,but it's lack of internet connection. :) Unfortunately, I'm far from city ( we are working for a cement factory as investigating engineering group). Please see this picture of Loot desert ....

Friday, February 01, 2008

Microsoft acquires Yahoo??

After some weird deals like Mysql&SUN and Qt& Nokia, I just heard This News by Reuters !!!
Damn ! It's the most ridiculous news I have ever heard in this stuff. I can't do anything, but if Yahoo accepts this belittling, I will drop my Yahoo mails ....