Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why I love FOSS

I started my Hacking Path [1] with Eric Raymond's legendary essay (How to become a hacker) in 2002 .
Though, I'm not a hacker, I really love it's culture and communications.
I knew nothing about computers and honestly I scared of them before.
You know why ? Because my first contact with computers was through Microsoft Windows some years before(win95 I think) .
It was all wizard (type of installation of software,etc)... When I was turning on the PC, the magic was starting, I was seeing a monocolor
screen and then a nice background . "How does windows do it ?" I asked this question numerous times from myself, and you know,
no one knew it. Everybody was conquered by its wizards.
Damn you Microshit with your damn wizards.
But,then, a flickering light enlightened my brain suddenly. I read Eric's essay, and I think you can guess what's happened after it .
I started to convey the linux and re-assembled it from scratch several times.There was no magic anymore. Every thing was absolutely clear , numerous papers were in the queue to read and lots of dedicated developers were ready to answer the questions.
My life and mindset changed completely. When I say my whole life, I'm not kidding. Because I have been an absolute freedom fan, I found
the liberality spirit in FOSS culture. Linux has never been just a simple O.S for me , but it's been a new viewpoint to the world to me.
Thanks Eric for Your legendary essay. Thanks Richard Stallman,the great, for GNU Idea and your dedicated works to support it.
I will talk about my first impression when I saw python soon ...

[1] Please attention, I mean the Hacker in free/open source software (FOSS) term .
The distance between Hacking and Cracking is the same as the distance between Heaven and Hell !!