Thursday, June 10, 2010

What Uppsala taught me

The first year at Uppsala University has finished, and like always, I started to think what was the gain of this year .
I think the most important aspect of studying in Uppsala was that they taught me HOW TO PROGRAM MATHEMATICALLY !! This is not a simple matter , specially to a student who had Electrical Engineering background and not Computer Science . Of course, they didn't teach me step by step on how to do it, but they provide some proper infrastructure to achieve this goal .
Unfortunately , I learned it a bit late (mid of May was the "Aha" moment to understand the whole concept ), but when I look back , I'm satisfied with my progress . Besides of some difficulties that this major (Scientific Computing) has , it is very worthwhile for people who want to mix their science/engineering capabilities with high-level mathematical programming . I don't know how I wanted to learn these stuff if I didn't pursue this major , but I know that it changed my perceptive to science itself.  For instance , I always wondered how I can implement a very long formula which expresses a physical rule ! Now , I not only know how to do that , but I can observe the most computationally consuming parts that affect the whole relation .
If you are interested in these stuff , I can explain it in future posts ...