Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Huge setp to vision

At last , I got the Sweden student visa. No news from Australia,
but I'm not sad anymore !
After a long thoughts about my future, I believe that the Uppsala University is a unique and extra ordinary opportunity to go further into Computer Vision.
Frankly, I felt disappointment when I faced new mathematical algorithm during my work on vision problems. For instance, in Optimization techniques I suffered from lack of advanced math courses and someone who can debug my problems !! In some cases, I had to re-invent the wheel again and again !! But , it seems that conditions are changing.
I really love collage life, because I don't have to invest entire of my time on , for example, dealing with customers rather than focusing on technical problems. I don't want to say that customers always suck! But, It's clear that working with potential customers in countries like middle-east is too different from a country like United States. Things are not classified here, and I do hate disorderliness ...
long story short, the most prominent aspect of Computational Science at Uppsala University is that it reinforces my math basis. Look the first quarter lessons : "Scientific Computing, bridging course" and "Optimization" ! The first concentrates on some subjects like Linear Algebra , Numerical Analysis, etc. and second one has no need to explain ...
On the other hand, let's not forget some other technical areas like "High Performance Computing" which Uppsala is very well-known for it.
As you see, this Master program is really GREAT.

WOW ! What a challenging and active researches I will face :)