Sunday, December 23, 2007

Why I claimed that?

About 4 month before, in a post, I claimed that the " programming is not an engineering discipline". Maybe you think that I completely missed the main points about Computer Science, but it's not true. As I mentioned before, it seems that there are two kind of judgment about programming. One viewpoint looks at it as a regularly repetitive classified task and another one looks as a high challenging innovative style of thinking. I believe at second one. Maybe inasmuch as I do love Algorithms, or maybe because of anything else.
Here is another fact which proves my idea. The writer of this essay is a professional programmer (second category for sure :) Please consider his strong reasons .

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A visionary article !

Some minutes ago, I faced by a visionary article (by Amir Salihefendic , a really briliant young Hacker). In general, he talks about how to increase our productivity. As soon as I conclude the paper , an intuitive feelings raised in me suddenly. What ? just focus on your main stuff? Never give to until make it done? Holly shit, I knew it. It's like Meditation. Why the hell I didn't do that before? I always wanted to do at least two work in parallel until now, I mean in entire of my life:(
I don't know why, but I just know that I will do it FROM NOW.
Well ......... what's my main work right now? Ahan, got it. Thanks Amir :)

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Killer robots could replace soldiers

Ten minutes ago a 25-year-old self-taught engineer named "Adam Gettings" pulled into the Waffle House parking lot, lifted the hatch of his black SUV, and unveiled what could very well be the future of urban warfare: a toy-like but gun-wielding robot designed to replace human soldiers on the battlefield.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

IBT TOEFL + Reschedule

I rescheduled my IBT TOEFL test . I postpone it until Feb 2 , It was Dec 15. I need the score of 100/120 ( equivalent to 600 in paper based TOEFL). I wish I can get this work done :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I made active the commenting system . However , there is some "word verification" mechanism for non blogger authors . I hope your kind comments help me to improve my Ideas and performance :)
Cheers ...


I'm so pleased to announce that my ADSL2+ link is attached now. From now , I will be online 24hour ,7days in a week :)
Anyway , I can understand why some guys like Mark likes to get their work done individually. In my opinion , some conditions can help you to make your productivity more than 80%-90%. However , Telecommunication is one of this conditions. I wish I could find one of these telecommunication jobs , unless I have to start my own from scratch ! Is Hiring is really obsolete?
I think yes , unless you wanna work for NASA or Google :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Programming is not An Engineering Discipline

Yeah... That's it ! At the moment, I strongly believe it.
Maybe it's offensive or maybe not,but when you think about a program (a web application for example) , you don't need to calculate the fundamentals , you don't need mathematical design and.... In the best form, you design an UML chart(albeit with prior thinking) , collect your coders, discuss with them about the code(if you have experienced coders) and start to code in tomorrow morning :)
But Engineering is not like this. In power engineering or Vision/Image processing, you need more and more info about the "nature" of your problem. Just when you understand the mathematical nature of a problem, you can estimate the solutions. It's not just transaction to DataBases !!!
I'm very pleasure to switch to "Vision" and more for studying "Electrical Engineering". They taught me the "style of thinking". I can break ANY problem to it's elements at the moment ,Cause my mind is trained in a logical form. It's hard at the first glance,but has a lot of Fun. Self trained Hackers don't switch to the stuffs like these, because of Math I think :)
What about you? Do you like hard sciences inasmuch as more challenging problems???

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Bye Bye Power Engineering

AT LAST.... I told good bye to power engineering ! Now,It's a great time to focus on Vision( My main interest) for ever... It's a very nice feeling. Vision has been my real interest from 2-3 years ago. I wish I can be a GURU in the stuff :)
UDPATE: Maybe I have to work on power engineering for several month. Because of money,you know ;)
UPDATE 2 : No , I can't. Since the life is too short, why I waste my time on working on unfavorite things??? If there is no company in Iran which it's field is Image processing , I will start the first :)

Monday, February 26, 2007

Advanced methods for Feature Extraction

Since I'm implementing a project in "Face Detection", I have to use advanced methods for "Feature Extraction". I have designed a MLP network for training, but I used raw pictures as an input layer… As maybe you know, it's better idea to decrease the input dimension by using Feature Extraction/Selection approaches.
There is some approaches like :"non Linear PCA" and "Kernel Methods".
I want to use Kernel Methods. I think it's more applicable and most of recent papers that I have read were about this major! However , It's maybe because of my guide attitude (Dr.Araabi) who have focused on it more :) I don't know. But because my learning procedure is "Learning by Doing" I will implement both of them. If you have any prior experience, please email me and let me know…

Cheers :)