Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I'm so pleased to announce that my ADSL2+ link is attached now. From now , I will be online 24hour ,7days in a week :)
Anyway , I can understand why some guys like Mark likes to get their work done individually. In my opinion , some conditions can help you to make your productivity more than 80%-90%. However , Telecommunication is one of this conditions. I wish I could find one of these telecommunication jobs , unless I have to start my own from scratch ! Is Hiring is really obsolete?
I think yes , unless you wanna work for NASA or Google :)


Anonymous said...

vahid i think you should translate your blogspot into persian to take more comments.i told to my friend about your blogspot.for example sadegh is one of them.

Vahid said...

Hi Mohsen ...
Because most of my weblod visitors are from outside of Iran, I have no decision to switch it to persian.
Anyway , thanks for your suggestion :)

ص.ن. said...

I think u will not online 24x7! here is Iran ;-)