Tuesday, June 20, 2006

View Source Chart Firefox Extension

One of the best practices for any (X)HTML newbie is to split any existing code to it's elements.For example,when I was started (X)HTML (4 years ago)I have to right-click on any webPage-->viewsource and start to reading the whole code from scratch.Specially, when I had to understand Tables...it was to boring.I invented a personal way!I made it color!and then when I recompiled (if compile term is right!) it , the target table was colored:) and....
Last night,I saw a FireFox extension which draw all of your webPage in a very nice and colorful diagram.When you install it,you have to restart the FireFox.Then when you you right-click on the webpage,in the down part,you see "view page chart".
I promise you will surprise when you see the output.it's a very nice and inventive hack:)

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