Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where are you :)

1) Ten minutes ago, I added a link of software that says on which point of planet Earth(!!) you have visited my weblog :)

2) Nowadays, I have faced by a lot of problems. My TOEFL TEST date is Feb2 , numerous challenging problem (math approaches) with my day job project and the most important the documentation of my first open source project has still remained. My problem is entirely a classic one: "The shortage of time."If you are interested in my open source project, please refer here

3) Maybe I'm not an ordinary person. I have great ambitions, and honestly, I am working hard to achieve my goals. I'm getting geeker and it's not so good! Real world is completely forgotten by me. What will be happen? I'm not a predictor but I hope I can become closer to my targets. Please prey for me. No problem what religion do you have, I do need it :(

UPDATE: I forgot to say that I added RSS feed too ;)


Anonymous said...

Sure. You do seem to have a huge chunk of work ahead. Good luck Vahid!!

Vahid said...

Thanks for your kindness Jayan; you have a very nice weblog. I hope you can achieve your goals too :)