Friday, July 25, 2008

I abandoned my part-time job

After a long discussion with my colleague, we decided to quit our job ! We worked on a Computer Vision application to find and trace vehicles on road. We succeed to release the software , but we faced with VERY low demand for our product. Unfortunately, our customer deceived us and we even could not compensate our initial needs (Renting apartment,etc).

Yes , that's it. We were not business guys and we even did not know what it is !! We just sat and started to code (and what a hard code, purely math). My country is not a High-Tech one (at least in Robotics areas).

We were lucky to have another job. My friend works for an accredited software company in Iran(mostly web developing), and I work for this company as an Electrical Engineer who is expert in Electrical Relays and have practical experience on its control systems like DCS and SCADA. In fact, these control systems use some OS technologies like Linux and Unix and some well known communication technologies like TCP/IP,etc to communicate with each other..... Not so bad.....

From now, I'll just work for my heart and not any company. I will release my free softwares for my own and not for profit. I'm so tired to think about novel algorithms (at least until second announcement). Anybody who faces these problems feels this sadness too. I want to focus on some other fields like web developing using python. I tried some frameworks like Web2py, TurboGears and Django ,etc. But I didn't think about build a real world application yet.

I'm so tired , I need to rest. Or in One republic's word :
Well, all I need
Is the air I breathe
And a place to rest
My head

UPDATE: I've decided to just write about my FOSS interests. You will not see about Electrical Engineering stuff.
UPDATE 2: We came back to our business ! Surprise :)
We will work on Face Recognition ( oh my). I do love this area of research. It's too hot nowadays.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vahid,

Why you don't pursue the higher degrees ?

Vahid said...

Maybe Some Other Time :)