Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Admission

After receiving some offers of admission, I plan to accept the offer of "Queensland University of Technology" (QUT) , Brisbane, Australia .
I found them so active in my area of research ( Computer Vision), so I think If I can get the Australia's student VISA too (this is a so molesting procedure) a new season of my life will begin.
I can work on what I do love in a dedicated form. I will have lots of talented colleagues and we can work in exclusive teams. I really like team-work projects and I believe that it increases my productivity enormously. Two brain are always more productive that one!
I've never been sure about the future , but I've decided to work hard and keep my hopes. That's every thing I can do :)

Update 1: Humm .... maybe I get another offer from different university !
It is Curtin University of Technology , and has a VERY active lab in computer vision area. Its projects make any geek crazy :)
It's a hard dilemma ! Any suggestion ???

Update 2: At last , I decided to choose QUT !
I didn't know that QUT has very strong relations with industry !
Here are some of their Areas of Research and collaboration :

Image and Video Research Lab
Speech and Audio Research Lab
Australian Research Center for Aerospace Automation
CRC for Spatial Information

Seems so promising, isn't it ?


Anonymous said...

Good luck Vahid ! Future's never fixed for anyone ;). Hope for the best.

Vahid said...

Thanks friend . You too :)

Anonymous said...

Just pointing out (in case you weren't aware) that Curtin is about as far away from QUT - and any other city, for that fact - than you can get and still be in Australia.

Having said that, Perth is a much nicer city, IMHO than anywhere in Queensland. Slightly less sunny, but much less "bogan". A couple of hours behind, but light years ahead in many other ways...

Vahid said...

Hi Matt :)

I appreciate your comment, because you are an Australian and know these cities very well .
Yes, I know that Perth is far from other cities, and is less sunny that Brisbane.
In fact, my city (Tehran) is a cold and dry one (the temperature is -4 C at the moment)!
I'm not used to humidity at all.
In this case, I think that the Adelaide,Canberra and Hobart are the most suitable cities to live .
But regarding to computer vision, the problem still remains :(
well, Curtin and QUT have their pros and cons; just one exception ! Some of my class mates and one of my relatives are in Brisbane.
Maybe I choose QUT for this . I don't know what to do ...

Alireza said...

WOW , i don't have to say anything .
you know the Door !

Good luck .

Vahid said...

Thanks Alireza :)

Sohail S. said...


Vahid said...

Thanks Sohail,
It's not as good as your university , but it's appropriate for my master at least :)