Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why I love FOSS - 2

As you can see in Eric's essay, he strongly recommend to start programming by Python. I was familiar with programming languages before; I had passed the programming course ( C language) a year before, so I was familiar with some basic skills of programming (loops, I/O, etc).
But in my opinion , python was absolutely different from C.
As you can guess, the most visible aspect was indentation! I didn't use to it and I had lots of struggles with it.
Another part was classes. The "__init__" syntax was so weird to me and I was more comfortable with something like "this" in Java.
Anyway, I had to fight with these initial set points, and I did. I started with python tutorial in its homepage, but it was(is?) so fuzzy. Unfortunately, there were and are too rare python developer in Iran and my English literature was not so good to start reading a book from the beginning to end.
Yes ! I confess that it was not a smooth path, but i do believe that it was worthwhile to try...
On the other hand, Inasmuch as I was studying Electrical Engineering (power) and the nature of lessons were so different from the subjects like O.S. and web programming, this problem got bewildered my mind.
Because of lots of input data and lack of proper concentration, my productivity was too low. Essentially, take this as an experimental result :
"Focus on just one subject or go to the hell !!"
If you want to be a genius in a major, you have to focus on it days and nights in an uninterpretable form. Only this can show you the magical doors. That's it , That's all.
As I mentioned before, the lack of focus on one subject decreased my productivity enormously and the biggest result of it was the decline of self confidence. You know, lack of self confidence is the mother of any defeat....
If I invest my time and energy on just hacking rather than work on some stuff like H.V. structures and Linux kernel processes at the same time, I had been a hacker till now...
Long story short, after graduation, I decided to put entire of my time on cutting-edge software developing; nevertheless, at this period of time my country is not a high-tech one. I couldn't find even one company that works on Computer Vision. Hence, my friend and I found a new one, but it's not so promising.
I really intend to immigrate from Iran to to some where else that I can work on my area of interest and have active connections with international community ...

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