Sunday, September 13, 2009

About me these days

1- My classes have started since Aug 31. Here , the educational system is very packed . I mean each semester is divided into about two "2 months period", and normally you pick up two course per period.
Well , in my opinion , it's a good method for hacker-minded people (or self-taughts ones). You just focus on two topics and finish them , that's all ! Like a hacker who wants to penetrate a new stuff !!

2- My research interests are shifting to "Data mining / Visualisation", but it's not clear at the moment... I'll write about it later.

3- Human beings are the same any where :) I knew this, but I can see it here more ...


Dave Qorashi said...

Have a nice time there.
Mr Rafiei, Are you satisfied from Uppsala? I want to apply for my M.S in Software Engineering and I'm collecting information about universities in the whole of the world.Can you tell me about swedish universities?
I appreciate you giving me answers.
Thank You.

Vahid said...

Hi Davoud,

Yes, they have an acceptable level of education and you will find interesting research areas to work on.
Uppsala university is fine , but you can consider other universities like KTH,Chalmers,linkoping,etc too.

"Software Engineering" is a general concept ,so lots of universities offer it...

Good luck :)

Dave Qorashi said...

Thank you for the quick answer.
Be happy. :)