Sunday, October 16, 2005

Linuxer,A new Approach


This is my new approach to blogging.:)
If you knew me before,you may ask me "Hey!vahid..,what's up?
Where hell were U?;)
Hummm,OK.First of all I must appologize because of my absent!
In that period of "I have To Think and Work Hard."
Do you wanna know HOW? See the Title:)
AI and Zen are my new interests.They had sorrounded me
in wonder andpleasure,and now I think I can Mix my
Hacking Altitude and life.Great....NO?

Anyway...Perl or python Coders-who are famliar with
JAVA specially-Knows that when a hacker wanna build a tool
which is constructed by stand-alone parts,The best way is
to switch to OOP.the Objects are live Parts which dawn soul
to your code:).Hey! If you "have to choice" bitween these
gentel Languages, What is your sexy honey?and Why?

PLease Reply me.I need your answer:)

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Anonymous said...

سلام.به نظر من پایتون بهتره.گرچه من علشق پرل هستم.