Thursday, December 08, 2005

My Idea about Linux Worms

Hi Folks :)

I've studied this paper some days before at security focus.please read it first!!You now,I "absolutely" don't think so !As a result of unix like operating systems design,and because of thier separate nature,Un wanted codes like worms,can't make them in trouble. Well,please consider Window$ !!!The design of this hell OS and their selfish utilities are good instance to explain what I wanna say.AS the matter of fact,their integrated architect is their achilles.It's exactly the point! read the mellisa or codeRed source codeto find out what do I say :)But as I mentioned before,Unix like Oses because of their unintegrateddesign(who said this is disadvantage?:) )and maybe multi protocol coding,there is no same way to explode their platform.

what do you think?do you agree with me?

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