Sunday, January 01, 2006

My approach to AI,Cognition and Maestro

Hello dear visitor....
I don't know why I send this POST !!!
This is too personal stuff...BUT you know,I wanna share
my Idea with you because I can'tFind anybody who
understand my unCommon Idea :(
UnCommon Idea?
Yes a bit.My field is Electrical ! so...
WHY I LOVE AI and Cognitive Science ??
My friends told me that I'm dreamy person !!
They instead advised me to Focus on High Voltage.
For the first time,one of my collage mates advised that when
he saw I've downloaded MAESTRO source code and soaked up on
it's sources for along 4 hours !It was designed very nice and clear.
Good work JPL :)
Please Forgive me because of this post,
I know this is Fuzzy fact.But it's exactly the point,exactly...
AI is nice because it is Fuzzy and challenging..
when you prefer to consider the Biology to find analgorithm....
that's a revelation.When you got fascinated by it's beauty Hum...
That's not just code anymore,your code is alive and it can
spead and communicate with other codes.
It can makes colony and collects knowledge till extreme.
You can create and make them alive.
Why cognition is so critical for me? I don't know,I don't know...

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Do what you want!
Don't care anybody else.