Wednesday, January 04, 2006

PYML,where Python and ML get married

Hi There....

I've just tried PyML .What's it?
PyML is an interactive object oriented framework for
Machine Learning in Python !
WOW!! great ,isn't it ?
It supports SVM,Filter Methods(Humm),Model Selection and ...
I use Debian Linux so,I didn't faced by any problem to use it.
But if you are Win User,SORRY,it has some native C++ code !!
It means you can't use it. Bingo !!!:)
But don't panic,I 've read the source code.
It's cool,you can migrate it to Window$ easily.
Who knows!I optimized it for you,Maybe.But I don't promise :)

Update:As I mentioned in previous Post,I love AI ...specially
AI approach to Control Systems.
I wanna Mix it with some cool fields.Fields Like DCS and SCADA need it a lot.
What about Machine Vision and/or Robotics?
These are common and interesting areas.


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