Saturday, March 15, 2008

TOO Boring Life

My life is absolutely boring ! I can't stand it anymore. Oh my God, Just one hour for the internet connection :( It's like a prison for me. ME?? I was connecting to the internet 7-8 hour per day before I came to this hell. What a mission! What a mission ....


Alireza said...

But now you play card well !

Vahid said...

Thanks Alireza, I hope so! :)

Alireza said...

beside i going 2 mail you the great guide !!!! you should pay that later !!!

( the guide of shelem & poker !!! )

ELLIA said...

hello dear vahid
dont worry
every person should get experiance of these things in their life for progressing and appreciatig for things that have
u have one soloution{thanks god for things that u have right now,then write them,try to get to reach information from around
and try to have a good sens
hey u can connect me by my weblog
( )
Alireza is the temp editor 2 !

Vahid said...

Thanks Ali :)